Ontario Small Business Funding for COVID-19 Restrictions

Ontario is helping businesses recover costs for personal protective equipment and providing extra support for businesses required to close or significantly restrict services as a result of provincial public health measures.

There are several different types of funding available which your business may be eligible for:

  • Ontario Small Business Support Grant
  • Main Street Relief Grant for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Property Tax and Energy Cost Rebate Grant
Visit the Ontario site to start your application now: https://www.app.grants.gov.on.ca/msrf/#/
If you have any questions about eligibility, there is a detailed Frequently Asked Questions page which is a great resource: https://www.app.grants.gov.on.ca/msrf/#/faq-section
We are here to help you, get in touch with Jones & O’Connell LLP to assist you with your application!