We Are Still Open For Business

Due to professional services, which includes accountants, being classified as a business that may remain open, Jones & O’Connell LLP continues to operate throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.  However, we have made notable changes in order to protect the community, our clients, and our staff.

The physical office of Jones & O’Connell LLP is temporarily closed to the public until further notice.  Fortunately, we can still conduct business over the phone and remotely.  We started to transition to a virtual operation 14 years ago, becoming a fully paperless office in 2008.  As such, we expect to be operational and able to handle your accounting needs.

We are not conducting any face to face meetings or granting public entrance into our office.  If you need to reach us, all email accounts will be reviewed during normal business hours and a single phone line will be in use (905) 688-4842.  Email addresses for our staff can be found on Our Professionals page, or for general enquiries, use email@jonesoconnell.ca.  Documents can be sent to us by email or by using the Send a File link on our home page.

While we always prefer electronic documents over paper, it is especially beneficial during this time.  PDFs and data files are ideal, but we are still accepting paper documents if needed.  Due to the office being temporarily closed, please email or call us to determine how we can safely exchange any physical documents and arrangements will be made.

While we will lose the hospitality of personal contact, business will operate largely the same way for us.

We continue to accept electronic payments vie e-transfer, bank transfer or cheque.  The details can be found at the bottom of our invoices.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe!